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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Charges in Santa Clara County and throughout Silicon Valley

There are many varieties of sex crimes. However, they all carry serious consequences. In recent years, DNA testing technology has led to the release of many imprisoned people who were falsely convicted of sex crimes. Unfortunately, that trend only highlights the fact that many people face potentially life changing charges based on false allegations. Federal and state authorities want to look tough on crime; too often, the constitutional rights of the accused are not prioritized.

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Our attorneys know how to use DNA testing technology and other investigative methods early in the process. Because our team includes former criminal prosecutors, we have firsthand knowledge of the methods used by police and district attorneys to build sex offense cases. We are committed to defending people who are facing sex crime charges in San Jose by those who are malicious, mistaken or simply manipulated.

Highly Experienced San Jose Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

When it comes to being accused of a sex crime of any type, it is important that you understand not only your rights, but also the possible consequences for waiving those rights. The things you say to police really can be used against you. Your reputation is at risk, and the stakes are simply too high to wait and see what happens. Before you speak to authorities, contact us.

Contacting highly experienced defense lawyers as soon as possible is vital to the creation of a strong defense. Almost all sex crimes convictions mandate lifetime registry as a sex offender. Child pornography charges may become federal because Internet activity may cross state or international borders. This means that federal mandatory minimums may be used. At San Jose Criminal Law, we typically begin our investigation immediately, using up-to-date technology and careful investigation to get you through the process quickly and effectively. We defend against all sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape, including statutory rape
  • nternet sex crimes, including Craigslist solicitation
  • Dating violence and date rape
  • Indecent exposure
  • Public lewdness
  • Molestation of minors
  • Child porn possession or distribution
  • Sex crimes among minors, including “sexting”

Your freedom, reputation, and career may be on the line. We have experience defending clients against the most serious charges in the most serious cases. We can defend you. Call our San Jose criminal defense law firm from wherever you are at in Silicon Valley or the Bay Area at 619-239-2186.