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Domestic Violence

Facing Charges of Domestic Violence in the Silicon Valley?

Under the California Penal Code, domestic violence makes it illegal to use physical force or to communicate threats of harm against an intimate partner. Contrary to popular belief, that partner does not have to be a spouse or a significant other. Domestic violence charges can be brought by an ex-husband, ex-wife, child or other relative.  Even a roommate can allege domestic violence in California. Furthermore, conviction for domestic violence in California can lead to terrible consequences.  

It is vital that you seek out quality legal representation in the event of a domestic violence accusation.  San Jose law enforcement and prosecutors take accusations of domestic violence very seriously. Because charges of domestic violence are made by the state, they cannot be dropped after they are made. Charges of domestic violence can lead to serious and life-changing consequences, including:

  • Endangering noncitizens’ eligibility for H1-B or work visas. 
  • Significant jail time or fines due to violations of restraining orders (even when a domestic violence charge is made falsely).
  • Dramatic consequences for custody or alimony disputes.

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Experienced San Jose Domestic Violence Lawyers

When choosing your attorneys, experience matters. We know firsthand how our opponents build these types of cases, and we have the experience to defend you against them.

Wrongful accusation of domestic violence is not unusual and can be the result of a variety of factors:

  • The belief that charges could yield benefits in divorce or child custody proceedings.
  • False allegations of domestic abuse out of anger or jealousy.
  • An accident being misinterpreted as an incident of domestic battery by the police.

To make sure you are treated fairly, you need experienced San Jose domestic violence lawyers to protect your rights. We know that it is important to investigate these cases carefully.  We are committed to helping all the facts come to light. Our domestic violence attorneys defend against all domestic violence crimes, including:

  • Penal Code 273.5 PC (Corporal Injury to a Spouse or Cohabitant)
  • Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC Domestic Battery
  • Penal Code 422 PC Criminal Threats
  • Penal Code 273d PC Child Abuse
  • Penal Code 273a PC Child Endangerment
  • Penal Code 368 PC Elder Abuse
  • Witness testimony
  • Prior instances of domestic violence

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