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Michael Berg

Michael Berg, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law


Comprehensive Knowledge of California Homicide Law and the Justice System

Homicide—or murder—is perhaps the most serious crime a person can be accused of. As a result, if you are convicted, the potential penalties are life-altering. Most people accused of homicide in San Jose turn to public defenders. While public defenders are good attorneys, they may be too overburdened to give your case the personal attention it requires. When the stakes are so high, you need a committed ally on your side – someone who has the resources to protect your freedom.

Michael Berg has many fewer clients and much greater resources than public defenders. While public defenders are paid a salary regardless of performance, we are paid for results. Due to our long history of success, our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of California homicide laws. Our motto is: there is no case that cannot be won, negotiated or mitigated. That includes serious homicide cases.

Experienced San Jose Homicide Defense Lawyers

We are highly experienced San Jose homicide defense lawyers. Police and district attorneys build homicide cases in specific ways. Because our team includes former criminal prosecutors, we have firsthand experience with their strategies and methods. We also know how to defend against those tactics and protect you. 

Homicide can be broken down into three categories, each with varying levels of severity depending on the facts of the case. We can defend against all homicide charges in San Jose.

Criminal homicide is the willful killing of one person by another. It is a rash, irresponsible act. Manslaughter and murder are examples of criminal homicide. If you are accused of criminal homicide, the seriousness of the case will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Whether weapons were involved
  • The accused's criminal record, if he or she has one

Excusable homicide is homicide without intent, often as a result of an accident or unusual circumstances. A police officer killing an escapee may be deemed excusable homicide. Finally, justifiable homicide is when someone is killed without meanness or intent. Killing someone in self-defense, in the defense of others, in an attempt to stop a serious crime, or in the line of duty are some examples of justifiable homicide.

The penal code is so extensive and the court system so complex that we work as a team to bring our strengths and knowledge together for your benefit. Our law firm has won numerous awards, including being named Criminal Defense Firm of the Year by San Jose Magazine. No matter the challenges of your case, we have the extensive experience and deep resources you need on your side.