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Identity Theft

San Jose: Identity Theft

Theft is stealing another's property without their consent. Identity theft entails stealing the personal information of another and using it for fraudulent purposes, generally for one's own personal advantage and gain. There were about one million Californians and eight to 11 million adults in the U.S. in 2010 who were victims of identity theft. The total cost of identity theft in 2010 is estimated at $37 billion. According to the California Office of Privacy Protection, identity thieves frequently use the stolen information to:

  • Create credit card accounts
  • Take out auto loans
  • Obtain medical services
  • Commit new crimes and criminal records in the name of the identity holder

Identify theft crimes are punishable:

  • Misdemeanor: up to one year per offense in jail and/or fine
  • Felony: up to one year per offense in state prison and/or fine

Because you can be charged for each count individually and be sentenced to consecutive years in prison, you may be facing a sentence of many years. If you have been charged with identity theft, you will need the services of a qualified San Jose criminal defense attorney with experience in identity theft crimes. You should know your options. Get a professional perspective. Call us today for a free consultation.