Local media reports indicate the San Jose Police Department will join many other police departments in the nation by adopting body cameras. The department will begin field testing body cameras in the coming days. According to the San Jose Mercury News, 15 officers will wear the cameras for the next several months as a trial of the technology. Three different camera types will be used to determine the best fit for the department which will spend approximately $1 million to equip all officers with the devices by next summer.  

Whether or not the cameras are the best use of department funds remains to be seen. Earlier this year an investigation revealed many problems with the computer technology the department uses. Shortly after the fatal shooting of a SJPD officer in March, the department's computer system crashed due to the high volume of traffic on mobile data terminals shortly after the tragedy, according to an ABC news story. The volume of traffic also caused problems on the officers' laptops. Now the city is spending the necessary money on upgrades. However, the department is also in need of more officers especially after a pension overhaul has made retaining and recruiting officers more challenging in recent years. The public must hope that the department's limited funds are spent in a way that ensures public safety and protection of the Constitution that can only be assured with a substantial investment.